F. A. Q.

UPDATED September 15th, 2004.

Please read this Frequently Asked Questions page carefully before you send me an email. I may ignore questions that are explained here.

Q: What's the point of this site?

A: I wanted to create a site that appreciates Street Fighter III - Third Strike's animation. The Capcom artists really went all out in creating this game, and in lieu of Dreamcast emulation being possible through the emulator Chankast, I just had to do it.


Q: Wow you can play SF3 on your computer? That's amazing! How do I run the emulator?

A: I'm sorry but I can't waste my time giving you instructions on how to run Chankast. There is enough information on the Chankast forums for you to figure out how to do it yourself. So please go there for information, not to me! Chanka forums


Q: Will you send me the ISO/ROMS? Why do you not reply when I ask for them?

A: No, I will not. The Internet lets us be resourceful and search these things on our own. How do you think I found it? ;-) I won't reply to any emails mentioning anything related to piracy, sorry.


Q: How do I do this character's moves? How can I access Gill? What is the Judgment scene? Why, what, when, where, how?

A: Any game related questions will be ignored from now on. I used to be patient and answered these questsions, but from now on please go to gameFAQs and read the information there. The FAQs there are really good and can give you a lot more information than I can. So please don't bother me with this stuff, mkay?


Q: Did it take long to rip the sprites?

A: Yes and no. At first I used cumbersome printscreen/SnagIt methods, but thanks to DreamSlayer and others I soon learned new ways of capturing. I also stumbled on an animation test with ArtMoney.


Q: What is Artmoney? Why won't the values work for me?

A: If you check out my tutorial, you will discover that ArtMoney is a sort of hacking program that lets you change hex values in memory of any chosen application. In this case, the application is Chankast, and I change values to remove backgrounds, alter x and y coordinates of objects, change their colours, and so on. The values won't work for you because Chankast puts the values in different addresses depending on your computer and operating system, so there is nothing I can do. But the OFFSETS of all the values will still hold true, so if somebody knows a way to offset all values to work for them, please let me know how you did it so I can include it in the tutorial.


Q: Why do you spell 'colour' with a 'U'?

A: Because that is the British/Canadian way of spelling that word, and since I live in Canada, that is the way it is.


Q: Why is Gill not shimmering like in the game?

A: Because it is IMHO a very ugly, cheesy effect that I hate. It's just my personal taste. Discovering how to freeze the colour was an achievement for me as well, so I like to keep him that way from now on. The other reason is that since the effect is ongoing, I can't rip the sprites the same every time. So all the animations would look different depending on the time when I snapped them. This leads to inconsistency and a very bad-looking sprite set.


Q: Why is the requests section removed? Have you forgotten about me?

A: The requests were removed because I didn't want to be tied to them. My site will _eventually_ have all the animations in the game, so your request will be filled in some time or another. It worked out for a while but now I want to shape the site according to how I want it, instead of others dictating which sprites should show up first.


Q: Why are you replacing all the submissions with your own sprites? Did you get a big head and become arrogant or what?

A: The reason for this is because I want everything on the site regarding rips to be my own. This way others don't have to go through me to ask others' permission to use the sprites. I appreciate everything that has been done by others, but now that I can do everything on my own there is no point to having others submit things. So I will not accept any more submissions and will eventually replace everything that was submitted by my own animations. It has nothing to do with arrogance or anything like that, but put yourself in my shoes and you will understand why I had to make this decision.


Q: I heard that you ripped all animations for the characters... can I have a set of <favourite character> please?

A: Sure, they are all in the SPRITES section of the site. Not everything is 100% correct yet though, there's still some tweaking to be done the sets as far as palettes go and such, but it's good enough for the time-being.


Q: Will you make a M.U.G.E.N. character with me, or are you making one yourself?

A: No, sorry. I am not interested in programming a character; I just want to make animations. That was the original intent of the website, that I just wanted to see them animated all together.


Q: Frank from Fighters Generation stole your sprites, aren't you pissed off?

A: No, I gave him permission to use anything from my site.


Q: Can I use your sprites for my creation, and if so do I have to credit you when I take your stuff?

A: Yes you may. This site is free for all, take anything you wish. I _like_ to be credited, as anyone would be, but the real artists here are Capcom - give them the credit.


Q: Will you do endings as well?

A: Yes, eventually. I still have to find some more values in ArtMoney to help me out with that.


Q: Will you rip animations for Capcom vs SNK, Capcom vs SNK 2, Marvel vs Capcom, JoJo, et al as well?

A: Short answer: no. I am not a fan of these games, so it would take a lot to get me to do them. I _will_ rip backgrounds from the other two Street Fighter III games though, once they are emulated.


Q: How about sound effects, will you rip those?

A: Probably not. Same goes for music and voices as well. If the site ever gets complicated enough where I can add sounds I just might though.


Q: Your tutorial is old and outdated... when will you make a new one?

A: When I feel like it, LOL. Yeah I have been a bit lazy regarding the tutorial as of late, I'm really sorry about that. But I want to find out MORE to help you out in ripping, and I'm not satisfied with what I can do with ArtMoney yet, so once I am completely satisfied I will make a brand new one.


Q: Your site setup sucks, want me to code a new design for you?

A: I agree, but no. The reason for this is because it's my baby. I appreciate little internal coding help, but I don't want a new layout until I get tired of the current one. It took about a week or so to have it like it looks now, so you can understand how It'd be hard to let go of it.


Q: How old are you?

A: 24


Q: Can I talk to you on MSN/ICQ/AIM?

A: Sure, if you want. joramee-at-hotmail-dot-com, 1556587, and zweifuss13


Q: What is the deal with your name? Are you joRAM, joramee, ZweiFuss, or just plain Joram?

A: Well joRAM was just something I put together quickly when I created my ICQ name years ago; it is the obvious capitalizing of the 'ram' of my real name because I have an interest in computers. Joramee came from what one of my friend's uncles called me when I was younger, and it just stuck. ZweiFuss is something I came up with one day when I was looking for a new screen-name on IRC, and at the time I was playing EinHänder a lot, so I just changed Ein to Zwei, and Hand to Fuss, and there you go. And lastly, Joram is my real name. So you can see I'm not very anonymous when it comes to the Internet.


Q: You haven't updated in a long time, what's the deal?

A: Sometimes I get tired/bored of it all. So I take 'unofficial' breaks from time to time. That is just the way things are, everyone needs a vacation from time to time.


Q: On some of the tall animations I can't click the moves anymore during the animation! What do I do?

A: The simple answer is switch to '1X' zoom mode, and then choose a new move. This is completely my fault; I designed the display box to stay at a fixed size. I don't know if I'll ever fix this problem, it's just something you have to deal with, sorry! :P


Q: ¿usted habla español? Sprechen Sie deutsch? você fala portoguese? parlate italiano? parlez-vous français? mluvis cesky?

A: No. Ja. Não. No. Non. trosku.